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Backstage video he takes of you.


Zayn was going around all the dancers introducing them to the fans, when he got to you he pointed the camera at your face and said “now this is (Y/N) I’m closer to her than the other dancers because we both like to be lazy, actually (Y/N) how can you dance if you are so lazy and just want to sleep all the time?” he asks you, you make a face at him but them smile when he adds “you are an amazing dancer though” you still smiling reply to him “dancing is my passion, I would give up sleep for dance that’s how much I love to do it” he smiles at your answer and turns the camera at himself, he tells the fans that he couldn’t wait for them to see the shows, that it was going to be amazing because of all the new things that are in this tour. And little did you know that he was talking about you.

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